DivEncounters Alliance

DivEncounters  Alliance

A worldwide Alliance of like minded individuals who own & operate luxury live-aboard dive vessels in the world’s most highly sought after dive destinations – The DivEncounters Alliance has arrived!

Founded in early 2011 by Peter A. Hughes, with four plus decades of experience in the Recreational Dive Industry, our Mission Statement is simple: To provide a reliable, professional and safe live-aboard scuba experience ensuring your vacation leaves nothing to be desired and meets or exceeds your every expectation, making us your obvious first choice for the very best live-aboard scuba experience available in the world today!

Independent Owners

The structure of the Alliance allows for the carefully crafted, tried & true operational protocols of the independent owners/operators of each vessel to remain in effect and does not attempt to initiate or enforce “franchise” style standards upon Alliance partner vessels.


The Galapagos Islands are located across the equator, 605 miles to the west of mainland Ecuador. Known to divers as a High Octane Pelagic wonderland, the Galapagos Islands are considered by many to offer some of the most exciting diving in the world…Come explore Darwin’s living laboratory!

M/V Galapagos Sky

The M/V Galapagos Sky (formerly the M/V Sky Dancer) is a 110 ft. / 33m luxury live-aboard yacht cruising and exploring the Galapagos Islands.

The vessel was designed by a team of naval architects in close collusion with Peter A. Hughes and built by current owner Santiago Dunn in 2000 to meet and exceed all maritime standards. Launched in 2001, the M/V Galapagos Sky features one of the most experienced crew of any Galapagos live-aboard.

Accommodations include eight private luxury cabins with full en-suite services including private head/shower, ample storage space, bathrobes, and biodegradable marine safe toiletries, hair dryers etc and spacious lounge and dining areas are also featured.

Since all dives in the Galapagos Islands are current or drift dives, the vessel also features two 20 ft. inflatable tenders with experienced operators and Divemasters.

Galapagos Diving

The remote Galapagos Islands are located across the equator, 605 miles to the west of mainland Ecuador, and are considered by many to offer some of the most exciting diving in the world. Located at the confluence of three major oceanic currents, visitors to the islands of the Galapagos will find a stunning and diverse array of underwater formations and marine life. An archipelago of 15 main islands essentially untouched by time since visited by Charles Darwin in 1835, you’ll find a natural haven for wildly diverse marine life.

Diving in the islands is generally divided into two seasons: whale shark season and manta season. Water temperature and conditions vary considerably by season, and also changes as you move from island to island, a major contributing factor to the overall density and diversity of marine life.

Hammerhead shark encounters in the Galapagos Islands are perhaps without equal anywhere in the world. They are your constant companions on dives at Wolf and Darwin Islands seen individually, in small groups or as walls of sharks numbering in the hundreds. Whale sharks, hammerhead & Galapagos sharks, five types of rays, Galapagos fur sea lions, sea lions, schooling pelagics, colorful reef fish, corals, and invertebrates are just the tip of a “once-in-a-lifetime” iceberg of exceptional diving encounters in the Galapagos.

You are never exactly sure what will happen on any dive, but you can count on high octane, pulse-pounding experiences on nearly every Galapagos dive! Galapagos offers more advanced diving and is not well suited for newly certified divers – 200 logged, open water dives is recommended.

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