M/V Solmar V

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  • SV Exterior by Jeronimo
  • SV Interior Cabin
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  • BaitBall – Sailfish Erick Higuera (2)
  • Greatwhite by Eric Hanauer
  • Humpback by Eric Hanauer
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  • Manta Diver Bonnie Pelnar
  • Manta w diver Bonnie Pelnar
  • Silky Sharks by Jeremy Cuff

The Solmar V is a 112’ luxury live-aboard dive vessel based in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico since 1992.

The Solmar V is a true four-season live-aboard that takes advantage of weather patterns to provide optimal diving year-round.

We journey 250 miles south of Los Cabos into the eastern Pacific Ocean to the Revillagigedos Islands—more commonly known as the Socorro Islands—to dance with the Giant Pacific manta ray, cavort with dolphins, dodge seven different species of sharks and thrill to an occasional lucky interaction with the migrating humpback whale population. This is remote, adventure diving at its finest.

The Sea of Cortez is one of the youngest and most fertile seas on earth, containing over 850 species of reef fish, as well as the famous flying mobulas and an assortment of schooling pelagics and tropicals. We’ve been diving the Sea of Cortez for over 25 years, and we call it home.

In August and September we are based in Ensenada, Mexico and follow the ultimate apex predator to Guadalupe Island, 180 miles offshore. This is rapidly becoming the world’s best location to dive in custom-built cages with great white sharks. Because we use hookah instead of scuba tanks on these trips, you do not need to be a certified scuba diver to enjoy the rush of going eyeball to eyeball with a 16′ great white shark.

Socorro / Guadalupe Island

The Socorro Islands (the Revillagigedos Archipelago) are composed of four islands located in the Pacific Ocean roughly 250 miles southwest of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. They are uninhabited, wild and unpredictable and have often been called “the Mexican Galapagos” because of the startling size and array of marine life…Don’t forget to return to the Solmar V for their seasonal  breath-taking Great White shark adventures at Guadalupe Islands.

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